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Mary Dellene

Mary Dellene is a master esthetician and an AADP certified health coach.  She specializes in a holistic approach to beauty through optimum health.  With over 2 decades of experience in Newport Beach, California, her passion for wellness and the spa lifestyle has deepened with each passing year.  Her loyal following of clients love her focused attention, problem solving approach and gentle technique. 

(949) 705-4095 ext 1


Monday - Friday: 10:00 - 7:00   by appointment 
Saturday:               10:00  - 4:00 by appointment

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About Mary

 Mary is a trainer/educator in the spa industry, traveling internationally to share her expertise with top resorts and spas.  Mary's passion for sharing her knowledge and providing the best treatment programs possible, led her to create a health and wellness retreat that she leads once a year to exotic and nature-intense locals such as Costa Rica and Tuscany, Italy where guests enjoy a week of fun and adventure while dedicating themselves to focusing on their own personal wellness.


Facial Treatments

     Signature Facial - Deep Green Botanical Facial

     Euro Correcting Facial 

     Euro Correcting Facial with Eye Rescue

     Gentlemen’s Essential Face Treatment 

     Glo Facial

     Oxygen Facial 

     LumiLift Facial with AnteAge Stem Cell 

     Red Carpet LumiLift Facial with AnteAge Stem Cell 

     Advanced Clarifying Facial 

     Clarifying Back Facial 

Facial Enhancements 

          Eye Rescue 

          Stem Cell Ampoule & Collagen Sheet 

          Exfoliating Hand Treatment 

          Foot Treatment 

          Scalp Treatment 

Therapeutic Body Treatments

     Signature Treatment– Integrative Zen Energy Body Therapy


     Body Tone Wrap 

     Herbal Algae Detox Body Wrap 

     Soothing Aloe Vera Wrap

     Deep Moisture Body Bliss 


     Zen Energy Reset  

     Aromatherapy Consultation

     Nutrition Consultation

     Lymphatic Drainage Therapy

     Ayurveda Kansa Wand Therapy

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