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Lucelly Mesa

Lucelly is a skilled massage therapist with several years working in spa and wellness. 

She is also a registered nurse and her deeply caring nature lends to her clinical expertise. Lucelly's specialties include prenatal massage, lymphatic drainage, hot stone massage, Himalayan salt stone massage, aromatherapy, and customized therapeutic massage.

(714) 342 - 9450
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THURSDAY         9:00 - 7:00  by appointment 

FRIDAY                9:00 - 7:00  by appointment 

SATURDAY         9:00 - 5:00   by appointment 

About Lucelly

Menu of Services

60 or 90 minutes

    Swedish Circulatory Massage

    Customized Therapeutic Massage

    Himalayan Salt Stone Healing Massage

    Hot Stone Relaxation with Back Therapy Massage

    Deep Tissue

    Sports Massage 

Body Treatments

    Himalayan Salt Scrub


    Lymphatic Drainage​


I look forward to connecting with you. Please reach out to schedule your next treatment and allow me to answer any questions you may have.

(714) 342 - 9450

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