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Day spa items including a towel, plant, basket of white towels, antique clock in front of a window with white curtains

Welcome to Plaza City Spa

& Wellness


Clean, green, skin-friendly, nontoxic skin care for healthy face and body.



We strive to be a calming, nurturing place for restorative wellness.


Our dedicated professionals bring their individual talents and collective decades of experience to create the perfect balance of old world healing techniques and modern technological advances.


All of our treatments and products are carefully curated for organic, ecco-cert and non-toxic ingredients to help support a healthy body and planet.

NEW Glo Facial

The Glo Facial uses three technologies and advanced skin care to refresh and brighten any complexion.
An oxygenating mist propells active ingredients into the skin and galvanic current allows for optimal absorption.
Peptides, stem cells and Epidermal Growth Factors boost cellular activity for an instant glow and dewy complexion.
Includes the Glow & Lift Complex ampoule
60 minutes $90
75 minutes $105
90 minutes $130


Monday thru Sunday by appointment

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